Post Title. 08/30/2011
Has anyone tried the Weight loss Bible?  Looks cool, but wanted some first hand feed back!

Micheal M.
Post Title. 08/29/2011
Some of the plans look a little strange at first, but they are all pretty easy to work with.  I checked most of them out, still deciding which one to go with.  Hope to be posting positive results in a few weeks!!!

Thanks for the list...

Michelle B.
Post Title. 08/29/2011
Just finished going through the fat loss bible.  Amazing information I intend on putting to use right away!
Thanks for the list.  What a great idea!!!
I see that the weight loss for idiots moved up two slots.  I tried allot before taking the plunge with that one.  It really worked for me, I have been telling everyone to leave good reviews for it.
It see it worked!!
Thanks for keeping up with the list.

Looked around at your plans.  Did the weight loss for idiots.  I have had problems for years dieting and just recently became serious about finding something that I am going to be able to stick to.  This one really made sense, and easy to stick to!!  Cant wait to see the results.  I will be reporting back in a few weeks.

Thanks!!~  Julie
Hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback over the last 4 weeks.  List is now updated.  I have the new automated count software now so the results are WAY more accurate.
Check out the list and keep the comments coming!~!

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