Post Title. 08/30/2011
Has anyone tried the Weight loss Bible?  Looks cool, but wanted some first hand feed back!

Micheal M.
Post Title. 08/29/2011
Some of the plans look a little strange at first, but they are all pretty easy to work with.  I checked most of them out, still deciding which one to go with.  Hope to be posting positive results in a few weeks!!!

Thanks for the list...

Michelle B.
Post Title. 08/29/2011
Just finished going through the fat loss bible.  Amazing information I intend on putting to use right away!
Thanks for the list.  What a great idea!!!
I see that the weight loss for idiots moved up two slots.  I tried allot before taking the plunge with that one.  It really worked for me, I have been telling everyone to leave good reviews for it.
It see it worked!!
Thanks for keeping up with the list.

Post Title. 08/26/2011
Have not tried any of these yet.  I am going to start Monday, but wanted to say thank you for your articles!  Tired of sifting through search engine results!!

Pam S
Looked around at your plans.  Did the weight loss for idiots.  I have had problems for years dieting and just recently became serious about finding something that I am going to be able to stick to.  This one really made sense, and easy to stick to!!  Cant wait to see the results.  I will be reporting back in a few weeks.

Thanks!!~  Julie
Hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback over the last 4 weeks.  List is now updated.  I have the new automated count software now so the results are WAY more accurate.
Check out the list and keep the comments coming!~!

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