Weight Management why its important to you

Weight Management, maintaining proper weight, or more importantly the requisite healthy amount of fat deposits in the body with respect to individual height, sex and age is an important factor in well being, productivity, excellent relationships and self esteem in these modern times. Extra excess pounds affect us negatively in all respects. Extra fat has profound negative effect and consequences on the back and lower limbs which tend to exacerbate major illnesses like arthritis and endocrine disorders that affect many especially women. Excess fats also tend to reverse even the pace of success as it may stifle motivation and lead to potential opportunistic infections and diseases.

With the right weight comes healthier blood pressure and cholesterol levels which are all beneficial to the heart and anything that helps the heart indeed helps the general health pattern. So it's your duty to consciously protect yours and of loved ones on a long term basis for full benefits. The greatest asset indeed ever remains good health as any wise person can attest. Conversely, with good cardiac health comes decreased risk of associated ailments as well as limited adverse effects of diseases like diabetes. It is germane to note a balanced healthy slim body is vital for emotional and psychological health. In many cases being overly heavier leads to low self esteem and mood swings with disturbing effects it ultimately affects work, creativity and relationships. Weight issues have indeed contributed in great measure to couples breaking up and it affects twice women as men.

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                         How I Choose What Plans to Include in My List

I struggled with my weight for years until finally coming across some solutions that worked.  More importantly the solutions I found were very basic, easy to follow and therefore easy to continue to stick to and help lose weight!  I spent so many years frustrated with results and tired of trying that I became very unhealthy that I Recently decided to take the time to look at what diet plans and weight management programs were most popular on the web.  I wanted to see if what was being advertised on the top ranked search engines was in line with a healthy diet.  More importantly what reviews those programs got on popular blogs.  I was really interested in whether people were being presented with actual diets that worked, or what was just being successfully marketed.

What I found was very interesting yet disturbing!  It turns out that diets that come up on the first page of search engines are not necessarily the best diets or most successful ones.  Here is what I learned about allot of the diet plans and claims for healthy diets that are out there. 

Allot of them can actually be successful, however at what price?  Dietary habits and choices play a significant role in health and mortality.  A recent study has suggested that traditional diets may have been more balanced than first thought.  So based on that small adjustments in how often and how much you eat seem to yield the best results.  The diets that I came across on the first page of most search engines were based on internet marketing success and not on the success of the dieters.  Allot of them are simply spin offs of very popular diet plans and some actually, after running through the actual calorie and vitamin intake were very bad for your health.

After seeing these results I decided to continue my search for plans that were based on diets for healthy living.  Once I narrowed those down to the easiest diet to follow and stick to I went on a massive search of positive blog postings and reviews of just those diets.

What I found was that those diets that are healthy and actually work yielded an amazing amount of positive reviews and blog postings. 

What really needs to happen here on the world of the internet is that a search for something such as diet plans or successful weight management needs to yield results based on positive reviews and blog postings. 

Well, that isn’t going to happen.  So, for now when looking at what diet plan or weight loss program to follow it is best to do your homework for yourself. I was so disgusted by the fact that searches that should yield successful results instead presented searchers with a page based on successful marketing I started a web page.  I hope to reach out to as many people as I can and present the healthy diet and exercise plans that I have found on blogs and review pages in one place.

Below we have compiled a list of plans that we researched across thousands of blogs and websites. All of them we have either had staff try, or have over 90 percent of their reviews come back positive.
We know this list will help you on your journey to a healthier weight.  Do yourself a favor and look at as many as possible, and try AT LEAST one of them for yourself.
Leave your review on our blog page.  Your opinion matters!!

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